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Fighter for equal rights, WRA and anti-masculism.

Jun 7 '14

My top 3 trends that males follow but women actually hate

1. Fedoras (or trilbys)


Think it adds class? More like ass! Am I right, ladies?

Often combined with ridiculous (fake) geek shirts and cargo pants (or worse, shorts). Most ill-fitting clothing item of the century probably. It’s scientifically proven that women do not like the unattractive head-shape a fedora/trilby creates, and who are we to argue with science?

2. Sweatpants


I know, I know, they are very comfortable and easy to wear. But that’s no excuse! How are hetero and bi women supposed to enjoy your calves and butts if you hide them in ugly sacks of clothing?? Have some consideration for others, please!

3. Sneakers


They don’t match anything! Seriously guys! Stop wearing those at once! This should be a no-brainer.


Hope this helps to all the men with actual class and self-respect out there!

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May 26 '14

So the EU election was a total mess.

Again, why are men allowed to vote? This is what happens.

They are too emotional and short-sighted, not to mention selfish, to make any rational voting decisions. I mean there was recently this guy who killed so many people because he couldnt control his emotions, and now we got men like him in the parliament?? Surely I am not the only one seeing how men cast their votes upon unstable men simply because they are men.

Such bigoted and irrational behaviour does not belong in politics. Men do not belong in politics. This is not sexist, this is observational fact. Men are good at oher things in other spheres. This is what happens when you tamper with the natural order of things.

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May 23 '14

Attention “geeky” boys!

So I have been gaming a lot recently and even went to a gaming convention about a month ago.

And while I’m all for hot, sexy geek boys, I notice soooo many of them are just there for attention. Or trying to impress their girlfriends. Like “See? I can be just as geeky as my girlfriend, I even play the Sims 3 with like two expansion packs, hee hee! My girlfriend even lets me play with her sims family!”

Seriously, who are you kidding. They come dressed up in trilbys and geek-themed shirts thinking it’s going to impress the women who are there to simply enjoy talking about and playing their favorite games and look at cool stuff. Men, gaming conventions are not dating scenes. You had your chance with the bullied, lonely geek girl in school - but oh, you were the ones bullying her!

And then all they play are those simple-minded, no-story boy games like Call of Duty, Medal of Honor and whatnot. Wow, you shot that guy for the 648th time, so fun, so intriguing. Yawn.

And when they’re not, they’re trying to fake interest in real games like the Portal series but it’s obvious they’re just trying to impress the girls becuse they couldn’t even answer what color the morality core had on the eye. Boys just aren’t meant for such complicated games. They don’t follow the story, they don’t take interest in the lore, they loose interest if you can’t customize a weapon to kill stuff with. I’m sorry but it’s the truth.

Fake geek boys, please leave the real gaming hobby to women. You have your Call of Medal Honor Duty, that’s clearly enough.

Real geek boys, message me for my number eh? ;) ;) ;) (need pics too, no beardies)

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May 23 '14

Sorry about the long overdue radio silence, dear followers. I’m back!

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Nov 22 '13

awaken-your-third-eye asked:

i'm a feminist and believe me you ignorant cunt, no human is less equal than another. your body is not more advanced than mine. you need to learn your place as an equal because until you step off your high horse, you're inferior to me.

Sheesh, I did say I respect you despite your inferiority, calm the fuck down and don’t get your dick in a twist. I knew males would be too emotional to face this fact, but oh well.

First grade biology clearly tells of female superiority, it’s undeniable and obvious.

But that doesn’t mean I hate males, I’m actually dating one and I have 2 male friends and they agree.

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Nov 22 '13

I think males really need to accept the fact that they’re number 2. 

You are literally biologically inferior to women, and you will always be. But that’s not a bad thing, you’re still at least semi-needed for society. In fact, males are the most important part of the modern society.

And just because you’re inferior doesn’t mean you’re subhuman. I respect you, I would never abuse you, I just know your place.

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Oct 9 '13

Anonymous asked:

"Just because I know women are naturally superior to males doesn’t mean I hate males. Nobody says silver is awful just because gold is better, you get what i’m saying?
" Sexist.

And your proof for that being sexist is…?

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Sep 28 '13

When a girl talks to about her period thats how you know you’re in the friendzone

I feel you.
Yesterday a male friend I’ve been very nice to all week started talking about his IBS acting up and how he have to go to the hospital, instead of having sex with me. Friendzoned yet again! :/

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Sep 27 '13


I’d just like to write a little message that while there are tons of awful men in the world, there are some good ones to, and it’s plausible that all the constant tumblr man hate is hurting them a little. Remember, some of us have done you wrong, but we’re all still people. Men, woman, everyone.

I’m normally not in favor of or condoning cannibalism, but OP is right, there are a few good men out there.

BUT, most males are awful. I do not recommend trying. And yes, remember, still people, even if they don’t act like it. So it’s still cannibalism.

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Sep 27 '13


Trying to explain anything to a feminist is like talking to a brick wall of hypocrisy.


They claim to want to kill all men, but never actually do it? I’m disappointed.

This is why I’m an equalist though. Killing all men is the easy way out, I’m much more in favor of putting males back in their equal place at the care of their woman.

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